Aalto Economics

About us


We are Aalto Economics, the student association of economics students at Aalto University School of Business. Our goal is to take care of all the economics-minded students’ interests, well-being and future career paths, without forgetting about all the fun and exciting student activities.

We’re proud of our connections with the Department of Economics and with leading economics-oriented companies. We aim to maintain a pathway for students to interact with the department as well as offer the best contacts, knowledge and experience for everyone interested in economics. We also keep in close touch with our alumni to stay on top of the different career possibilities.


We organize different events open for everyone interested in economics. These include, for an example, networking with company representatives on career nights and company visits, learning more about economic issues through panel discussions and feeling the international vibe on study trips around the world. Most of the events organized by Aalto Economics are held in Finnish excluding the study trips and some company excursions.

Our students’ well-being is our main priority. We co-operate tightly with the department and make sure that the students’ voices are heard. We aim to always stay on top of what is up in the student community and work to make a difference on topics that are important. Our students can always come to us with anything they have in mind, whether it is about studies or something else.

It is important to us that our students get a first touch of the business world already during their studies. Thus, we actively connect with companies and businesses in the economics field. We want to use our platform to offer an easier access to connect with employers, as well as possibilities for our students to find out what they might be interested in career-wise.


By becoming a member, you’ll stay up to date about our latest news. We will also keep you updated about possible job openings and our upcoming events. You can become a member by filling out the short form under Join Us. To make sure you won’t miss anything, we recommend you follow us on our social medias as well.


If you represent a corporation or any other stakeholder, and are interested in working with us, please visit For Companies.